In 1997, the Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture began conducting a one-day Symposium on Precision Agriculture Research and Application in Australasia. The Symposium is always a relaxed and enjoyable means of discussing the progress and direction of Precision Agriculture in Australasia.

It is aimed at providing an insight into, and inspiration from, the work being undertaken to develop and apply PA in a wide range of agricultural industries. Research and government institutions along with farmers, commercial suppliers, advisors and anyone with an interest in the future of agriculture are welcome to participate.

This makes it a truly industry-wide forum for PA in Australasia.

As the interest in PA continues to rise nationally (and within the Australasian region) we are keen to capture the enthusiasm being generated in many new and established organisations, associations and groups.

This event is now conducted as a collaboration between the Precision Agriculture Laboratory, that operates within the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, and SPAA Precision Agriculture Australia.


The 23rd and 24th editions of this wonderful event were cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel and meeting numbers. Much of the benefit of the PA Symposium over the years has been the movement of the event to different areas of the country/region and the interaction, networking and trade displays. An online event of any length cannot capture these benefits.

In their place, PA Symposium webinars were held.

2020 PA Symposium Webinar

Date held: 30th September, 2020


Our keynote speaker was Jess (James) Lowenberg-DeBoer from Harper Adams University, UK and President of the International Society of Precision Agriculture, speaking on: The future of PA with specific points on:

  • Technology opening doors – AI, robotics, better sensors,
  • Economic pressures on PA technology development, entrepreneurship and farmer adoption, and
  • The role of the ISPA

Also on the program were snapshots of PA research and application from:

  • Alison McCarthy – Senior Research Fellow (Irrigation and Cropping Systems) from the Centre for Agricultural Engineering, University of Southern Queensland presented work on: Future farming: Machine vision for in-season nitrogen assessment in grain crops.
  • Paul Greenwood- Senior Principal Research Scientist (Extensive Livestock Systems) from the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Armidale NSW presented work on: eGrazor.
  • Mathew Webb- Senior Spatial Analyst with the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) Tasmania presented work on: A real-time mapping application to monitor air temperatures at very high spatiotemporal resolutions.
2021 PA Symposium Webinar

Date held: 13th September, 2021


  • Dana Campbell – Senior Research Scientist, Food and Agriculture, CSIRO presented work on: Virtual fencing for cattle: understanding applications and animal impacts.
  • Andries Potgieter- Principal Research Fellow, QAAFI, University of Queensland presented work on: Beyond the paddock: determining within-field variability in crop phenology, soil moisture and crop yield across temporal and spatial scales.
  • Michael Walsh- Director of Weed Research, University of Sydney presented work on: Development of weed recognition technologies for Australian grain production systems.
  • Benjamin Blevin – Precision Ag Product Manager, John Deere presented: A John Deere update
  • Daniel Adams- Grower from Cockaleechie, SA presented work on: A targeted approach to manage variable soils.
  • Patrick Filippi- Research Fellow, Precision Ag Laboratory, University of Sydney presented work on: Improving the farming game: interpretive machine learning to map drivers of yield variation.
  • Andrew Kissel– Product Manager, Planting and Soil Management Equipment, Case IH presented: A Case IH update
  • Angelica Suarez- Research Fellow, Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre, University of New England presented work on: Olives: the good oil on remote sensing for crop yield and management.
  • Matthew Davey- Grower, Kalimar Ag, form Clinton Centre, SA presented work on: Adapting technology and using field trials for farm management.
  • Andre Colaco- Research Scientist, Food and Agriculture, CSIRO presented work on: LiDAR-based mapping of wheat biomass. Linking crop phenotyping technologies to PA.
  • Rohan Rainbow- Consultant Advisor, Grain Producers Australia presented: Code of practice for agricultural mobile field machinery with autonomous functions in Australia: An update


Visit the ARCHIVE PAGE for copies of the Proceedings from previous years.