Educational resources

Researchers at the ACPA have been involved for over 17 years in the teaching and dissemination of information of PA at the postgraduate, graduate and industry levels. In conjunction with the GRDC National Initiative on PA (SIP09) and the subsequent Next Steps in PA program, a range of educational resources were made available for widespread use. The PA Lab is proud to continue to make these available.

Textbook for PA

Precision Agriculture for Grain Production Systems explains general PA theory, identifies and describes essential tools and techniques, and includes practical examples from the grains industry. It is written in an easy-to-read style and should appeal to students, advisors, industry personnel and farmers alike.

Classic PA papers

Classic PA papers is the beginning of an archive of some of the most prescient PA work. It serves to remind us that the scientific literature on agriculture is a priceless resource, and that truly new ideas are very rare.

PA Lab & ACPA publications

Researchers at the ACPA produced a vast range of papers for refereed journals, conference proceedings, the Leading Edge technical supplement and other popular industry magazines. The PA Lab will continue to add to this substantial resource. A full catalogue of papers is provided here and copies of individual papers can be obtained by contacting the lead author.


Books, journals and magazines

Those interested are urged to seek out more research information provided in this listing of PA books, journals and popular magazines.